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Honorary Doctorate

Royal tribute to honor your words.
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great Kingdom in the Navy Memorial.
On the Occasion of the University presented an honorary Doctor of Science degree. Department of Sport Science.
Tuesday, July 16, BE 2534

               His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great Kingdom in the rest of the Great King, the Crown Prince, who is President of the Great King. It is important to bring prosperity to the country and all people. He is wonderful with the king. It is both the administrative and academic researchers who demonstrated a remarkable ability to. The performance of the works of numerous scholars. Many more than are required to be processed. His duties and his talent in all the technical problems in developing countries are diverse. Especially in science. Engineering, agriculture, irrigation, environmental protection. And the use of various technologies are suitable and well-being of his subjects in all respects.
               In the field of sports. King and her talent is high. He is a world-class athletes. His favorite sport of many types. The water sports that the specialist is the winner of the race for the kind of okay in sports MARCH 4 times and he received a gold medal in this competition on 16 December BE 2510, it was. The king world-class athletes. The government has held on 16 December of each year as National Sports Day. It is the fate of the pride of the people until today.
               His Majesty the King. The King's speech about that sport. "Sport is very important for the life of each person. And the life of the nation" speech demonstrates his commitment to the promotion of sport is essential. And is important in the development of individuals and nations. Therefore, the promotion of sports of all kinds. He received the Asian Games 5, 6 and 8 of the sports MARCH 4, 8 and 13, which is an international sport in the nationals. The awards ceremony, as well as a variety of sporting events held in the High School Camp is one of the Amateur Sports Association. His duties in the field of sports is clear to the world. International Olympic Committee, which consists of more than 87 countries, meeting at Turkey has been unanimously presented. Joy is an honorary gold medal of the Olympics. "Most Olympic medal (gold)" on 14 December BE 2530, the first monarch of the world that he has been dedicated to his honor

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