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History of the College

Welcome to College of Sports Science and Technology

The College of Sports Science and Technology (CSST), Mahidol University was officially established in 1989. Previously, the College was a part of the School of Sports Medicine under the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital. The CSST strives towards academic and service excellence in the fields of sports science by conducting pertinent research and teaching, as well as providing facilities for the promotion of physical activities and health of the general Thai population.

As CSST has its origins in a medical school, this increases the strengths of the college and its academic programs. Our faculty members and instructors are selected from several disciplinary fields and backgrounds including medicine, physical therapy, nursing, physical education, exercise physiology, psychology and sports sciences. With this unique mix, the College prepares students to work in a variety of settings including academic institutes, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, fitness centers, and research institutions.

The symbol of the College.
               Purple, green.

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