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Research in College of Sports Science & Technology
         The College of Sports Science and Technology has 6 major reaserch areas of focus.

Sports Medicine

          Sports medicine involves the practice of medical principles as related to sports science including sports injury diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention. Research in the field focuses on clinical applications of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injury.

Sports Physiology and Nutrition

          The field of sports physiology and nutrition examines the role of exercise and nutrition in sports. Research in sports physiology investigates neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and thermoregulation adaptation of the body under extreme conditions, as well as various recovery strategies to improve physical performance. In addition, this field aims to address the problem of overweight and obese schoolchildren, and to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles for Thai people.

Sports Biomechanics

         The major goals of sports biomechanics are to improve sports performance and to prevent/reduce any potential injury that may occur. These goals are not cover only athletes but also the general population. Biomechanics research staff have a wide range of interest in sports biomechanics fields ncluding gymnastics, weightlifting, and fencing, as well as racing wheelchair propulsion, boxing and golf.

Sports Psychology

         The goal of sports psychology is to enhance the mental performance of athletes. Research focuses on psychological training including imagery in sports performance, anxiety management during competition and concentration in training and competition.

Sports Business and Management

         This field focuses on event management, entrepreneurship, human resource management in sports enterprise, and applied industrial psychology in sports business and organization. Major research goals are to promote health and improve quality of working life.

         All researches involving human subjects must be approved byMahidol University - Institution Review Board (MU-IRB)

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