Chirawat Paratthakonkun

  • 999 Nakhon Pathom, 73170.Thailand
  • +668

Interested Areas/Research

Nutrition, Sports and exercise nutrition, Holistic health promotion


National Publication

  • 1.Chirawat Paratthakonkun, Rungchai Chuanchaiyakun, Waree Widjaja, Panya Kaimuk. Physiological responses to water intake of different temperatures during sitting in sauna room. Journal of the Sports Medicine Association of Thailand 2004;8(1):19-26.

  • 2.Rungchai Chaunchaiykul, Saiphon Kongkhum, Suwadee Chaunchaiykul, and Chirawat Paratthakonkun. Effect of Intake of different Water Temperature on Thermoregulatory Responses during Sauna Exposure. Adaptive Medicine 2014;6(2):80-5.

  • 3.Paratthakonkun C, Kaewprasert S, Arthan D, Soonthornworasiri N, Prangthip P, Wongsutthilerd A, Pooudoung S, Chantaranipapong Y, Nakosiri W, Aroonnual A, Chupeerach C, Tungtrongchitr R, Chanchai S, Nana A. Associations among serum folate, homocysteine, lipid profile, and eating habits in an elderly Thai population. International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research 2016, in press.

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