This moment, Modern medicine of Thailand has developed and rapidly progressing, but the illness of the country's population has not decreased. This is due to a lack of protection for the populace. However, Exercise is one of the most effective methods of disease prevention because it benefits one's health. However, there must be those who are well-versed in the subject of exercise. The appropriate way to give advice, whether it is exercise for health or competition, should be the responsibility of the physical education student, but only the knowledge of the physical education student is insufficient. For health development While current technology is continually evolving. Therefore, the health promotion should be a development of technology in terms of tools and equipment. As well as, the research should be progress together.

       The college of Sports Science and Technology was founded as an office of support research and development in physical fitness under the faculty of graduate studies, Mahidol University in 1987 with three main objectives:

       1. To be the college of Science and Sport Technology in the future.

       2. To support the propagation of knowledge, operation research, and physical fitness to achieve the goals.

       3. To participate in the SEA Games, the Asian Games, and the Olympic games.


       Project to establish the College of Sports Science and Technology was approved to establish a college of Sports Science and Technology, giving it the full weight and stature of a faculty. The swimming pool and sports center was represented the part of royal projects by King Bhumiphol Aduyadej and granted the name "Sirimongkol" to the building.


       The 25th Thai University games was held at Mahidol University and the opening ceremony of the 25th Thai University took place at the Sirimongkol building.


       The 33rd Thailand Sports University Conference was held at Sirimongkol building, Mahidol University.

     List of Deans

     1. Asst.Prof. Vichai Vondurongvan, M.D. (1997-1999)

      2. Clin.Prof. Varin Tansuphasiri (1999-2000)

      3. Assit.Prof. Panya Kaimook (2000-2004)

      4. Clin.Prof. Threerawat Kultanun (2004-2007)

      5. Prof. Arth Nana, M.D. (2007-2016)

      6. Chanin Lumpsum, M.D. (2016-2020)

      7. Assoc.Prof. Bavornrit Chuckpaiwong (2020-now)

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